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Quality Management


Product quality is the life of a factory and the foundation of its development and growth. Among the 5 key elements of management it ranks No.1, and is always included in other management theories. Quality is integral to a company’s existence, and should be dealt with seriously. Recent industrial scandals in China such as milk powder, food, and construction materials have undisputedly demonstrated that the large numbers of factories have a long way to go to improve their quality awareness and capabilities.


  • Total Quality Control implementation
  • Quality KPI statistics systems
  • Quality control process perfection
  • Quality awareness training for all employees
  • Quality management organization optimization
  • Cost control for quality management
  • Quality Control Costs implementation
  • Quality incident feedback mechanism


  • Improved product quality
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Lower quality control costs
  • Increased per piece profitability
  • Improved intra-factory communication


  • Establishing & completing QC management system.
  • Using the QC 7 methods (Checklist, cause analysis diagram, Pareto chart, stratification, scatter diagram, histogram, control chart) and Quality Control Circle, etc, to improve product quality and eliminate problems.

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