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Production Planning & Material Controlling Training


Production Material Control (PMC) is the core function of manufacturing operations. Company information from logistics, production, HR, and sales are all processed in the
production planning department. PMC acts like a centre commander for the whole company. The effectiveness of PMC directly dictates the company’s total efficiency,
impacting delivery and customer satisfaction. The purpose of the training is to improve PMC personnel’s planning, arranging, monitoring, and follow up capabilities so that companies can improve their time delivery, inventory turnover, and production lead time.


  • PMC Content
  • How to plan/what to refer to
  • Handling abnormalities
  • PMC case studies
  • KPI’s and performance evaluation
  • Material management and tools
  • ABC management approaches
  • Material control case study
  • Inventory control in factories


  • Understanding of PMC and material control theory
  • Understanding of how to plan/arrange production
  • Understanding of how to calculate related KPI’s
  • Understanding of material control skills
  • Understanding of how to monitor and tackle issues


One Hong Kong electrical appliance factory had almost RMB 159 million of stock on hand. Fusion helped them to achieve
increased inventory turns, from 4.79 times to 8.22 times. Which was more than RMB 50 million savings in stock by the following

  • Setting up forecast strategy reducing bullwhip effect
  • ABC inventory management
  • Reduce WIP and strengthen vendor Kanban management
  • Purchasing strategy based on value and importance
  • Material Kanban set up
The expected effect Diagram