Excellent Production Leader Training

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Excellent Production Leader Training


The front line management production leader is a key position in all factories. They spend most of their time with the production forces, influencing the behaviors of workers, and ultimately impacting product quality and customer satisfaction. This training is designed to improve those leaders’ comprehensive capabilities with consideration to local culture, communication, and using the newest management approaches.


  • The role of shop floor management
  • Role play
  • Production employee relationship management
  • Case studies
  • Communication and motivation
  • Coaching and problem solving
  • Improving shop floor management


  • Understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Increased problem awareness
  • Analyzing and solving of problems
  • Enhanced issue handling capability
  • Enhanced communication between superiors and
  • subordinates, as well as with other departments


  • I don’t understand!→Let me try it!→Let me share it!→I can lead my team!
  • Communication skill training
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Monitoring

After providing a four-month training course divided into different stages for production leaders in a Dongguan garment factory, the management skills of these production leaders have improved and work enthusiasm has been strengthened. A trainee’s change in mentality:
I don’t understand!→Let me try it!→Let me share it!→I can lead my team!

The expected effect Diagram