Excellent Production Floor management (6S)

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Excellent Production Floor management (6S)


The past three decades of China’s economic reform has greatly helped improve the management level for numerous factories. However, one of the most important manufacturing principles, 6S, is still far from satisfactory for many of them. To maintain sound 6S principles, factories have to truly understand its essence. Without achieving at least a good level of 6S, factories will continue to waste resources, time, money while damaging their long-term future.


  • Establishing/implementing a 6S organization
  • Management training for 6S
  • 6S examples campaign area
  • Factory visual management
  • Red card campaign
  • Fixed angle photographing
  • 6S performance management
  • Sustainable implementation of 6S


  • Improved working environment
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced safety accidents
  • Improved employee’s behavior
  • Improved customer satisfaction


One hardware company implemented 6S production floor management due to regular problems on the production line. Fusion conducted 6S management training and launched many projects including the following tools management project. Using 6S concepts, all workers saved more than 70% of the original time by having tools neatly placed in the drawers. This reduced clutter improved production line efficiency.

  • Management training for 6S
  • 6S examples campaign area
  • Kanban management
  • Red card campaign
The expected effect Diagram